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50/50 Pledge works to showcase an equal share of men’s and women’s voices at the top technology industry conferences. Together, we will change the gender balance at these events. We'll be searching for key participation from women and men who can help us determine future priorities. Technology has aided in the transformation of many women and men's lives around the world over the last century. One of the top goals is ensuring that new technological and innovation trends are exploited to aid rather than impede women's economic empowerment. Men and women are equally represented in key commercial and financial areas, such as trading. The conference will be centred on a discussion of cutting-edge technology bots used in digital currency trading. It's about Bitcoin Profit, an automated trading software that's a pioneer in the crypto trading field for producing huge returns. If you are personally interested in learning more about the bot's technical specifications, efficacy, and validity, you can visit the Bitcoin Profit offizielle website. This debate will be beneficial beyond the gender.

How will we get there?

  1. Join our completely private directory of professional women in technology, who can speak about their industry and role.
  2. If you run a technology conference, fill out our short survey and talk to us about how you can officially Take the Pledge.


Women who have joined our directory include professionals from sales, engineering, design, culture, business development, marketing, and many other roles across great companies like:


Particularly, there are many female crypto traders in our directory who often conduct programs on how to buy bitcoin UK and in other major countries. People can utilize those programs by joining our directory.

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