Are you looking for accomplished women tech professionals to speak at your event?

Apply to become a 50/50 Pledge Partner.

Once you become a Pledge Partner, we identify talented leaders who can speak to your topic and audience. We then give you introductions to those speakers from our vetted list. Working with us will help you reach your existing diversity goals and showcase experienced, passionate voices on your conference stage.

Our speakers include professional women in leadership positions at the most successful tech companies, such as: Google, Square, Facebook, Slack, Kleiner Perkins, Pinterest, Dropbox, and hundreds more.

If you have any immediate questions, feel free to email us directly.

Organizer Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone become a 50/50 Pledge Partner?

Any tech industry conference can apply to become a 50/50 Pledge Partner. After you have applied, we work closely with you to determine your fit and dedication as a Pledge Partner. You must be approved before becoming an official Pledge Partner.

How do I become a Pledge Partner?

You fill out this form and we will contact you. Our vetting process is highly personalized, so this may take a few weeks to confirm. Filling out this form does not mean that you are a 50/50 Pledge Partner. 

I filled out the form. What happens next?

We’ll reach out via e-mail and talk about your conference goals and if we think it makes sense to have you as an official Pledge Partner. We have a list of extremely talented women, but we don’t have everyone, so we want to ensure that we have the right speakers for your topic and audience.

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